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Our Story

Pod[e] was formed by Scott and Susan Taylor in 2019 who both have a passion for innovative, sustainable living and design. This interest led to the commissioning of A-HA Design Studio to help develop a prototype ‘pod’ which ticked all of the boxes in regards to achieving an off-grid minimal environmental footprint, whilst not compromising on luxurious features throughout.

With the pod design being finalised, the search was on for the perfect piece of land to turn the dream into reality. The idea of the pod prototype being situated at Westall, Streaky Bay came about as the Eyre Peninsula has always been a favourite holiday destination of Scott, Susan and their daughters Maddy and Trinity.

The build started in 2021 with Scott managing the construction aspects both on and off site. Admin Officer Amanda then came on board to provide support in conjunction with Susan and the girls. The first pod Mulla Mulla was completed in 2023 and the second pod Banksia is currently under construction with a completion date in the near future.

We hope you enjoy your stay on the Pod[e] property and this beautiful part of the Eyre Peninsula.

Our Footprint

Minimal environmental impact with maximum livability
Sustainable, climatic design allows comfortable living all year round
prefab in construction to reduce waste and installation time.

Pod[e] in collaboration with AHA Design Studio have designed an architectural passive-solar pod. The driving force behind the design was to create a living space that has a minimal footprint on the environment with a design philosophy being 100% sustainability. Careful consideration was put into finding the perfect piece of land that would give us the opportunity to build our luxury off-grid pods, placing them in a north/south orientation which is the main factor in utilising the sun's energy. Land was purchased on Mount Westall, on the Westall Way Loop near Streaky Bay which has expansive views of the rugged coastline and native flora and fauna unique to the Eyre Peninsula.

From the orientation of the pod to the footing system and building materials used we have achieved an impressive energy efficiency rating of 7.8 stars. We have used a concrete-free footing system and have specifically chosen our roof, wall and flooring products for their high insulating properties. With double glazed windows, natural airflow and a wood fire, the pods will maintain a comfortable living temperature all year round.

Run entirely off-grid using solar energy, rainwater and a worm farm for the waste system, the pods have next to no footprint on the environment.

At Pod[e] we try our best to keep waste products to a minimum, any waste products that are on-site are disposed of appropriately, with recycling being our number one focus for waste.

Our products and materials have been sourced and carefully selected from local businesses that share the same ethos and practices on sustainability.

Revegetation is also a crucial part in our project. By revegetation we generate abatement by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and it is then stored as carbon in plants as they grow. We have been lucky enough to have the support of Greening Australia to help assist with this over the coming years. We (Pod[e]) have also planted well over 4000 native plants ourselves.

Our pods are extremely appealing to the eye with high-end finishes creating an indulgent luxurious experience for guests whilst being kind to the environment. You can rest assured that your experience at Pod[e] is not compromised by our sustainable practices.

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