Innovative off-grid accommodation and living spaces


Contemporary exterior design seeks to reflect its landscape
Interior forms a warm cocoon around its occupants

Pod[e] use specialised building designers to draw and specify our eco friendly pods.


Welcome to Pod[e] Westall, Streaky Bay

Site 1 [prototype] has now been settled on the Westall Loop, Streaky Bay. This site was chosen for its epic sweeping views North to South, and it is where Pod[e] will develop two pods capturing the beauty of the surrounding far west coast.

Rugged, calming, captivating and remote, these pods will give so much to those who stay in them. Over the next few months watch as these pods take shape, positioned carefully to capture all that this area offers, whilst being hidden from view using clever design and cutting edge off-grid and environmentally friendly construction methods. Surround yourself with luxury and nature in a living pod like no other situated on 300 acres of pristine coastal land.

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