Alcohol Packages

Elevate your experience with our exclusive alcohol packages, available for pre-order at the time of making your reservation. At Pod[e], we understand that convenience is key to a seamless and enjoyable stay. By pre-purchasing your alcohol package, you not only save time but also ensure that your favourite beverages are ready and waiting for you when you arrive. You will find selections from local and national suppliers:

- Jumpship Brewery
- Peter Teakle Winery
- Beresford Estate23rd Street Distillery
- Vale Brewing

Cheers to unforgettable moments, effortless planning, and indulging in a luxurious, off-grid encounter with nature.

Disclaimer: Guests must be 18+ to purchase alcohol packages and quantity restrictions apply.

Little Tin Co

Enhance your culinary adventure with us by adding these premium tins of locally sourced seafood to your booking, all brought to you by the fantastic Little Tin Co!  Not only are these tins of seafood delicious, they are locally and ethically sourced too! With four different options to choose from:

‍- Port Lincoln Sardines in Australian Oil
- Smokey Port Lincoln Mussels in Cape Jaffa Whisky
- Hot Smoked Kingfish And Vermouth Pâté
- Wild Australian Salmon in Nduja

Bonnie McEvoy Photography

Exclusive Pod-e Photography Package

What's Included:

For $400
- 15x professionally edited images
- Location Pod[e]
- Option to upgrade gallery to full gallery + local suggested location

Bonnie McEvoy Photography
enquire via email:

Streaky Bay Yoga

Indulge in a holistic escape with our exclusive in-house yoga sessions. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, Eliza’s personalised classes cater to all levels of experience, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Make the most of your stay by incorporating wellness into your routine, leaving you refreshed, centred, and ready to embrace the day ahead.

Please contact Pod[e] directly for information on pricing and availability.

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